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The purpose of all signs is to help the user find their way to and from a destination and for the provider to make their building more user friendly whilst communicating a design and thought that reflects their caring attitude, and portraying an identity. Signs are usually one of the first contacts a person has with an organisation and the initial impression they give can have a lasting effect, as it is in that all important first few seconds that one’s opinion of an organisation or building is formed.

Example DirectorySignage forms only a very small percentage of the cost of a building, typically only 0.1%, but it does contribute greatly to the aesthetics and first impressions of a building. It also increases people’s awareness of their surroundings and aids orientation around the structure. Spending on a well designed sign system can therefore be very beneficial to all concerned.

With factors such as the DDA, BS8300, Building Regulations and the Sign Design Guide all impacting on signs, it is worthwhile ensuring that any new signage has taken these in to consideration, as altering a sign once installed can be a costly exercise.

We specialise in accessible signage and we are sign consultants to the RNIB and their Access Consultancy Services.

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